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When Little Girl in Elementary School and Ghost Combine They Strength for Agains Illegal Loggers


Suri Alone

What would happen if an elementary school child works together with ghost against illegal loggers? That’s what happened to Suri, a 9-year-old girl. Starting from getting lost in the Svaka Forest, she met nice and adorable ghosts. The ghosts guide Suri bust out of the forest. But … the real danger lurking …. The danger of it is the illegal loggers. Continue reading

This was What Happen when Ghost Parade Team Wander at AFA Singapore 2016

many visitor come

many visitor come

Game and anime lovers surely know Anime Festival Asia (AFA). The event was packed by debut game, anime, cosplay, music, and so on. AFA was held on 25 November 2016 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Ghost Parade team also do not want to miss the haunting AFA Singapore.

What happened when the Ghost Parade team wander among the visitors? How did they react? Continue reading

Ghost Parade Appear with Special Guest

Ghost Parade crew with Domo

Ghost Parade crew with Domo

AFA SG event is fantastic, visitors come to Ghost Parade booth like a wave wohooo. All crew Ghost Parade feel so glad because the crew can introducing video game Ghost Parade and selling various original merchandise from Ghost Parade. Not just visitors who interested to Ghost Parade but NHK mascot and ANIMAX mascot come to our booth :D. Continue reading