Ghost Parade Event

Ghost Parade Appear with Special Guest

Ghost Parade crew with Domo

Ghost Parade crew with Domo

AFA SG event is fantastic, visitors come to Ghost Parade booth like a wave wohooo. All crew Ghost Parade feel so glad because the crew can introducing video game Ghost Parade and selling various original merchandise from Ghost Parade. Not just visitors who interested to Ghost Parade but NHK mascot and ANIMAX mascot come to our booth :D. Continue reading

Peek a Boo, Ghost Parade come to AFA Singapore

176Singapore- Friday, 25-11-2016 there is event Anime Festival Asia Singapore (AFASG 2016). Ghost Parade opening booth at famous event and that event always crowded by many people, that event is AFASG 2016. Event with “ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA” theme gives many things about anime, game, cosplay, music and etc. For your information, ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA or AFA, every year always organized this event at 3 country there is Bangkok, Jakarta, and Singapore. Continue reading

Interesting Game, Ghost Parade Game

Singapore- Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre 26 November 2016, day by day many of visitor come to Ghost Parade booth, not just an adult, teenager who likes to try play Ghost Parade game but children like to playing too. You can see how cute they try too playing the game.

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Ghost Parade AFASG 2016 : Journey to Singapore


Ghost Parade Booth A89

So here’s how it looks like before we put the “magics”. Yeehaaa~~ Let’s do the handwork, fellas!!

In this article, we would love to share our journey to Singapore, in order to exhibits our content, Ghost Parade Game, at Anime Festival Asia 2016. What an amazing travel! We get exhausted after doing long trip from Husein Sastranegara airport (Bandung) to Changi airport (Singapore). Well maybe not about the length, but more about the odd preparations and process we have done ^^. But don’t worry, we are all so excited, it kills the fatigue! So our crew decides to go directly to our hotel for prepare many merchandise for displaying in Ghost Parade booth. We can not wait to meet all visitor at AFA Singapore.

Ghost Parade game is title of a video game created by Lentera Nusantara Studio. Our studio were located at Bandung city, Indonesia. Not only introducing our game in Beta Testing, we also selling lots of our original merchandises from Ghost Parade Game. Keep following to see how Ghost Parade Game’s going on AFASG 2016!