Jam 9 pagi, booth Lentera Nusantara di buka dan ini adalah perdana booth Lentera Nusantara di Gamescom. Booth Lentera Nusantara terlihat berbeda dengan booth lainnya, itulah salah satu daya tarik kenapa pengunjung tertarik untuk masuk ke booth Lentera Nusantara. Pada awalnya setiap perempuan yang ingin mencoba bermain game Ghost Parade selalu tidak percaya diri untuk memainkan nya akan tetapi keindahan illustrasi gambar yang di tampilkan game Ghost Parade membuat para pemain nya terkesima hingga mereka penasaran dengan jalan cerita game. Awal nya yang tidak percaya diri akhirnya larut dalam permainan Game Ghost Parade hingga akhirnya mereka merasa bahwa bagaimanapun mereka harus menyelesaikan game ini. Continue reading

This was What Happen when Ghost Parade Team Wander at AFA Singapore 2016

many visitor come

many visitor come

Game and anime lovers surely know Anime Festival Asia (AFA). The event was packed by debut game, anime, cosplay, music, and so on. AFA was held on 25 November 2016 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Ghost Parade team also do not want to miss the haunting AFA Singapore.

What happened when the Ghost Parade team wander among the visitors? How did they react? Continue reading

Merchandise of Ghost Parade

Singapore- Atmosphere in AFA Singapore is very crowded. In booth, Ghost Parade crew prepared  video game demo for all AFA SG visitor. Visitors who come to our booth can try Ghost Parade game. 

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Our Last Stock!

Singapore- 27 november 2016. This is the Ghost Parade crew's third day in AFA Singapore. So here's the Ghost Parade Game original merchandises in our booth.

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Ghost Phone case

Indonesia- 9 December 2016. Did you ever heard story about ghost telephone ? Ghost who call someone at midnight. Ghost Parade have Ghost of Phone too. Don’t worry, Ghost Parade ghost always by your side not to scared you but for protect your phone.

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Haunted Keychain

keychain Ghost Parade

Singapore- 26 November 2016. Todas is AFA Day 2 Singapore, this morning Ghost Parade crew prepare all merchandise for we sale in Ghost Parade booth. We displayed various merchandise in our booth. The most wanted merchandise item is keychain,we prepared our keychain models with various character of Ghost Parade.  We displayed and sell this cute keychain is to introduce player with some main character in story game Ghost Parade. Continue reading