Encyclopedia Bausastra Lelembut

A lot of you know about ghost from horror movie or folklore, there is various ghost in the world. Ghost Parade have heirdom book, the named is ‘Bausastra Lelembut”. What is that?

Bausastra Lelembut is a encyclopedia which will give you many information about ghosts in Indonesia. All of you know famous ghost in Indonesia, but did you know? There is various ghost in Indonesia. Bausastra Lelembut discuss famous ghost until ghost that you never known.



Ghost in your imagination and you know ghost have scary face, if you talking about ghost wih your friends you will feel scared. But Ghost Parade is different. We have a good taste illustration, unique concept, and never make you affraid to ghost, ghost character at Ghost Parade World is different from other ghost. Bausastra Lelembut can be read by all ages, from children until adult. Encyclopedia “Bausastra Lelembut” designed with A5 book sized and 180 pages book, so you can easily bring this encyclopedia anywhere and accompany your days.

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