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13 Reasons Why We Have A Good Times in Pakoban (Part 2)

    13 Reasons Why We Have A Good Times in Pakoban (Part 2)

    Before we tell you about our experience in Pasar Komik Bandung (Bandung Comic Market) or Pakoban on May 6th and 7th 2018 we want to say thank you to our blog readers who read our story so far. If you’re miss the part one of this article you can check it on our previous post in Ghost Parade news setion.

    Just like before, we want to tell you our definition of good times by participating in one of the biggest community event in Indonesia creative industry environment called Pasar Komik Bandung (Bandung Comic Market) or we gonna called it Pakoban in our next paragraph that held on May 6th & 7th 2018 at Braga Citywalk, Bandung. On this 2018 edition, Pakoban has held 7th times making Pakoban is the most consistent comic market event in Bandung.

    We want to tell you our good time story in not usual way but we gonna tell you our good times through 13 lists and this is part 2 of the list.

    8.Bausastra Lelembut sold out in just few hours

    Bausastra Lelembut is the most unique and likeable items in Ghost Parade merchandise series. Bausastra Lelembut is our proudest merchandise on Ghost Parade universe because we examined many ghosts and spirits across Indonesia and make it to one encyclopedia book.

    And we’re not alone when we say Bausastra Lelembut is the most likeable items in Ghost Parade merchandise series because it sold like hot cake and sold out in just few hours since Pakoban started to open for public. Even it was sold out many visitors still want it even we didn’t have stock left. We were so ecstatic and excited when we know that Bausastra Lelembut is the most wanted items on Pakoban beside the comic itself.

    We gonna make a new edition of Bausastra Lelembut soon, so keep check our timeline regularly to find out more about new edition of Bausastra Lelembut.

    9. Saturday Night Frenzy

    When you think about Saturday night, you will think about people hanging out to crowded place to have fun after all of their hard work on Monday to Friday. Saturday night is like melting pot for people from other region to have a good time and have fun.

    Due to the factor of Saturday night, many people come to Braga Citywalk and suddenly make Pakoban visitors rose drastically. We take advantage of the momentum of this Saturday night moment to attract many visitors in Pakoban to come to the Ghost Parade booth.

    We mobilized The Lelembut’s to increasingly “haunt” the visitors and continue to spread our charm among Braga Citywalk visitors. It turns out that our successfully attract a bunch of Braga Citywalk visitors to pause and take a look at the Ghost Parade booth. As a result, several merchandise Ghost Parade sold to the hands of visitors Pakoban and Braga Citywalk. This makes The Lelembut’s and Lentera Nusantara team feel re-energized and charged up even though the night made our team low in spirit and energy especially The Lelembut’s and Lentera Nusantara team. But, we managed to conquer the saturday night frenzy and we glad many people happy to see Ghost Parade booth.

    10. Many kids like our comic

    We want to make Ghost Parade content can be accessible to many people around the world with wide variety of age. That’s why we want to attract kids first because if the kids like our story their parents also liked it too. We make our Ghost Parade comic carefully, so the kids can read it and there’s no age restriction when you read our comic. The joke is very universal and understandable to many people especially if you stay for a long time in Indonesia.

    The result is our comic can grab attention many kid visitors on Pakoban. As you know, kids have a focus that can sometimes be divided and very difficult to get focus and attention from kids. However, through the Ghost Parade comic we got kids’ attention and broke the myth that kids are hard to get attention and focus on one thing. The lightweight Ghost Parade comic contents, characters that have witty personalities, eye-catching images, stories that make kids smile to laugh, and full color comic makes kids keep looking at every sheet of the Ghost Parade comic.

    It makes us more confident to bring Ghost Parade content to all ages.

    11. That celebrity jacket

    We still can’t believe that one of our merchandise wear by a famous celebrity in Indonesia. Our Jeng Kunti hoodie is wear by a famous celebrity whose name Uya Kuya on his television show called “Rumah Uya Investigasi”. He wears it in multiple segments, so our product was exposed to many people in the front of television audience across Indonesia.

    So, we promote our Jeng Kunti hoodie in Pakoban even we didn’t sell it on Pakoban. When people see the similarity between Uya Kuya hoodie and the one that Lentera Nusantara team wear at Pakoban, people stop by and ask about the hoodie. Many people curious about that hoodie and ask us where’s the item. We said that you can pre-order that hoodie by contacting us on our social media such as Facebook and Instagram. We want to say thank you for Uya Kuya wife who bought many Ghost Parade merchandise when we participate on Popcon Asia 2017.

    12. Ghost Parade on stage!!!!

    Lentera Nusantara Team got the chance to talk about Ghost Parade to the audience on Pakoban 7. Onstage we talked about what is Ghost Parade, promoted the Ghost Parade comic available in our booth and told about our experience abroad. This session is very fun let alone there is the creator of one of the famous comic strips on the Internet named Ghosty Comic Raden Fajar Hadria became our moderator on the session on stage.

    A fun discussion about game industry and creative industry in Indonesia according to Lentera Nusantara happened with fellow audience who see us on stage.

    13. Magnificent reception on Pakoban 7

    On two days of Pakoban 7, we’ve got many magnificent receptions from Pakoban and Braga Citywalk visitors. People praised our comic and our uniqueness approach with Indonesia supernatural culture. We also get praised by bringing The Lelembut’s who get attention from visitors. We want to say thank you to Pakoban 7 team and for visitors Pakoban 7 and Braga Citywalk who come to our booth, say hi to us, and buy our product. See you on another adventure and event.