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13 Reasons Why We Have A Good Times in Pakoban

    For most people, the definition of good times can take many interpretations such as going vacations with person that you love the most, gathering around with family, fulfilling your hobby as your me time and many other forms.In Lentera Nusantara, the definition of good time is to spread our game called Ghost Parade to many people on the event. This time, we want to tell you our definition of good times by participating in one of the biggest community event in Indonesia creative industry environment called Pasar Komik Bandung (Bandung Comic Market) or we gonna called it Pakoban in our next paragraph that held on May 6th & 7th 2018 at Braga Citywalk, Bandung.

    We want to tell you our good time story in not usual way but we gonna tell you our good times through 13 lists.

    (Why we’re choosing 13? Believe it or not, number 13 have a mystical power behind it just like Ghost Parade which has “mystical power” to keep people play our game and join Suri adventure with her ghost friends on Ghost Parade universe).

    1. It’s on Bandung

    Bandung is one of the best city in Indonesia. With cool climate, breezy atmosphere and the friendly people make Bandung the best destination in Indonesia. With all these advantages make Bandung become one of the creative city in Indonesia. These creative souls ultimately create an event where creative creator show their work in Pakoban.

    1. It’s on cozy yet spacious mall

    Braga Citywalk is one of the most unique mall with awesome design in Bandung. With the style of buildings that are influenced by European style and spacious make Braga Citywalk a great place to hold event like Pakoban. Pakoban has also been held many times in Braga Citywalk and has gained positive attention from creative industry activists and mall visitors. Because it is in Braga Citywalk, Pakoban become the place of the comic creators to show their work to the public and not limited to local comic lovers.

    1. Melting Pot of comic creators all around in Indonesia

    Although the name is “Pasar Komik Bandung” or in English called Bandung Comic Market but the creator didn’t only come from Bandung. There’re many creators coming from many regions in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Malang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Tangerang, and many more. There’re also many big creator comic community around in Indonesia especially coming from Yogyakarta and Malang that have many members on it.

    Because of that, Pakoban becoming a place for all of comic-related creator for gathering and show all of their comic on Pakoban.

    1. Wide categories of original local comic

    On Pakoban, you can also find many different comic style and genre from drama, comedy, children, romance, adventure, action, superhero, mystery, horror, thriller, slice of life, family, and Indonesian cultural story. All of the comic on Pakoban are original work not fanart. There’re many original and famous IP (Intellectual Property) and comic publisher come to Pakoban regularly from physical media to digital media such as Ciayo, Pionicon, Koloni, Dar! Mizan, Muffin Graphics, Re:On, and Comico. Lentera Nusantara is so proud to participate in Pakoban along with big and famous IP company and comic publisher in Indonesia.

    1. We sell only awesome stuff from Ghost Parade IP

    As we told you in our previous article, we sell many awesome and cool merchandise in Pakoban. We weren’t just exhibiting and selling the comic, but we also sell exclusive poster, keychain, and of course our favorite product from customer choices, Bausastra Lelembut. On Pakoban, we sell our newest comic compilation that tells suri daily life with her ghost friends such as Kunti, Poci, Nancy, and many more. We guarantee that our comic can make you laugh. One of our poster is made from waterproof material, so it doesn’t matter if your room has water leaked point on it. We crafted and make our merchandise with all of our hearts and all of our minds so Pakoban visitor can see the excitement in Ghost Parade universe even if it’s on merchandise medium not in the game medium.

    1. The Lelembut’s ready to help us on Pakoban

    Because our intention to “haunt” Pakoban. We ask our Lelembut friends we called it The Lelembut’s to help us during Pakoban and they are happy to help. If you’re here first, we gonna tell you to Lentera Nusantara and Ghost Parade secret weapon called The Lelembut’s. The Lelembut’s is a group that consists many lelembut (Indonesian words for “spirits”) that helped us when Lentera Nusantara or Ghost Parade set up a booth in many events. With their mystical power, The Lelembut’s have successfully “haunt” and attract many visitors to come to our booth. The Lelembut’s lineup to event isn’t always same in each event.

    This time only 2 of The Lelembut’s that want to haunt Pakoban, first is a lelembut with human body but with tigerlike appearances called Aden Aden and legendary king from Indonesian folklore called Raja Sena. The Lelembut’s join Lentera Nusantara forces to “haunt” people and spread out the spell on Pakoban visitors to stop by to our booth and see Ghost Parade merchandise.


    1. The Lelembut’s usage on Pakoban: It’s super duper effective

    Two member of The Lelembut’s that helped us Aden-Aden and Raja Sena didn’t feel shy and hesitant to promote Ghost Parade around Braga Citywalk. Because of the unique looking of the half human-half tiger Aden Aden and Raja Sena who look like coming from Indonesian action drama series make Pakoban visitors see them all the time when they wander around. There’re some people come to our booth and asks, “what kind of cosplay it is?” and “Can I take a photo with The Lelembut’s?”.

    As we told you, The Lelembut’s is an effective magnet to attract people to our booth or at least want to know more about Ghost Parade. There are many people who take a selfie with The Lelembut’s and upload them to our new Instagram account @bausastara_lelembut. You can check that account if you want to know more about Indonesian ghost and Indonesian ghost story, all of the post will come in Indonesian language so don’t forget to use Google Translate if you want to know more about Indonesia supernatural culture.

    Want to know what’s 6 things left? We hold it back in the next article to keep you curious and coming back to our blog post. If you want to see our good times in Pakoban on Instagram just search @ghost.parade on Instagram.