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When Little Girl in Elementary School and Ghost Combine They Strength for Agains Illegal Loggers

    Suri Alone

    What would happen if an elementary school child works together with ghost against illegal loggers? That’s what happened to Suri, a 9-year-old girl. Starting from getting lost in the Svaka Forest, she met nice and adorable ghosts. The ghosts guide Suri bust out of the forest. But … the real danger lurking …. The danger of it is the illegal loggers.



    Let us continue the story in Ghost Parade Game

    Intrigued by the story of Suri and her spirit friends? You can continue their advanture as your own in Ghost Parade. You can download this game at Steam. Game begins with a prologue about how Suri lost in Svaka Forest.

    Suri continue walking through the woods until she finally meet the first three cute ghosts. They are Jeng Kunti, Poci aka “pocong”, and Tuyul. Up until here, maybe readers would say,         “Hiii … how they become cute? Their names alone are creepy, especially its appearance! “

    tuyul 2

    Don’t worry … the appearances of ghosts in Ghost Parade are cute, especially Tuyul. His green chuby body with reddish cheeks.

    Tuyul is also as cute as Poci. He wears a bow tie around his neck.

    Mr. Poci

    On the other hand, Jeng Kunti wears an artistic costume with hearts in her chest.

    jeng kun
    Miss Kunti

    Each ghost has a unique strength. For instance, Poci can shield player to resist the attack of illegal loggers. Furthermore, Tuyul can roll to override opponent. In addition, Jeng Kunti can emit blue light to knock out an opponent.

    Raising Environmental and Cultural Conservation Issue

    Ghost Parade is more than just a two-dimensional game. The developer raises the issue of environmental conservation. In this game, it is illustrated that the natural enemy of the human race is the illegal loggers.


    Try to grasp the following data regarding the forests destruction. Based on the Greenpeace study published in 2004, the rate of deforestation in Indonesia reached 3.8 million hectares per year. Most are caused by illegal logging. Ministry of environment and forestry of Republic of Indonesia also noted that 42 million hectares of the 130 million hectares of remaining forest in Indonesia has been cleared.

    The impacts include climate change, biodiversity is threatened with extinction, more frequent floods and landslides, and others. In essence, the destruction of forests threaten the lives of all living beings.

    On the other hand, ghosts that have been depicted as evil in many horror movies are not as bad as everyone thinks. Most of the case, it is human that bother them rather than the opposite. In fact, some of whom live in a tree and tried to dispel humans so they don’t cut them down.

    h15Greedy humans who insist on cutting down trees in the forest. Mostly, they do not concern with the supernatural powers trying to block them. In the end, it leads to the destruction of forests which in turn driven the spirit out from their homes. This story is illustrated in Ghost Parade. Besides their compelling story line, Ghost Parade is also wrapped with a wealth of cultural values from Indonesia archipelago. For instance this is seen in Balinese temple gate animation. The ruins of the temple is making them look exotic and mysterious.

    Is the elementary school children and her ghost friends are successfull against the illegal loggers? It depends on your ability to play it.