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Come on guys! Help Suri and Friends Save Svaka Forest

    suri chanSvaka forest is under attack! Not from the ghosts and animals that live within the forest, but the human. Those are greedy people that willing to exploit nature irresponsibly.

    Many trees have been cut down by illegal loggers. If it happens continuously, forest will be destroyed. Don’t blame nature if flooding hits people. Besides threatening the live of living things, illegal loggers also threatened the spirit worlds. Their activity evicts the spirit from their homes.

    Once, a 9-year-old elementary school indigo girl lost in the Svaka forest. Her name is Suri. She can interact with spirits. She met the ghosts that will lead him out of the woods. However, along the way, they have to fight against illegal loggers armed with dangerous weapons.

    Lets help Suri and her friends saving the Svaka Forest by playing his game: Ghost Parade!

    Ghost Parade Game

    The game begins with a prologue about how Suri is lost in Svaka Forest Svaka. Suri as the main character has a special power, which is the ability to communicate with astral beings. This enable her to harness the power of ghosts.

    Use Poci as a shield to defend against the opponents’ attack while Kunti and Tuyul help to disarm them. Keep attacking the opponents until a green graphic that indicates their strength disappears altogether.

    Pssst … Game Ghost Parade will provide surprises in every episode. Curious? Please wait the updated development in Steam, guys!

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    Gerbang alam gaib




    There are only three ghosts characters appear on Ghost Parade Demo. There are still many other ghost characters who will accompany Suri adventure. For instance, they are Janggitan, Buta Ijo, Grandma Lampir, Kambe, Nyi Blorong, Banaspati, and ahool.

     Those characters can be collected through special missions, secret missions, etc. As the number of collected ghost increases, Suri gain more support from the ghosts. However, the player can only choose three characters to accompany their adventures. The combination of the right astral beings can give special powers to the Suri.

    Wonderful Visual Inspired from Indonesia Culture 

    Not only it has an interesting plot, but it also has a compelling two-dimensional visuals and atmosphere with surrounding audio support.

    ScreenShot_02Once the game begins, players will be greeted with an animated dark and mysterious tropical forests. Animations of temple gate and ruins of a temple are visible when the main character goes farther. Squeak sound of animals unique to tropical rainforests adds tension to the atmosphere.

    The contents in this game are inspired by the Indonesian culture. Some of them are Javanese and Balinese cultures. As the game progress further, the more the appearance and charm of the Indonesia archipelago will be presented in the Ghost Parade game.

    Visitors of Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Singapore 2016 have played this Ghost Parade game. You do not want to miss it!