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Encyclopedia Bausastra Lelembut

    Do you know ghost in your country? All of you must be know about ghost from horror movie or folklore. In this world,we have so many varian of ghost. Some of you will afraid or maybe you will curious about them. Ghost Parade has an encyclopedia book called “Bausastra Lelembut”, our encyclopedia will tell you all about Ghost, especially Ghost from Indonesia.

    Bausastra Lelembut is an encyclopedia book which will give you all information about Indoensian Ghosts. Maybe some of you only know famous Ghost from Indonesia like Pocong, Kuntilanak or Tuyul. But did you know? There is so many various ghost in Indonesia and Bausastra Lelembut will tell you about them, from famous ghost until unfamous Ghost that you never known before.

    In your imagination Ghost is a scary things, and if you talk about ghost with your friends or your whole familly, you will just talk about horror side of Ghost and feel afraid. But Ghost Parade is really different, we have cute Ghost with good illustration and unique concept, we will make you to not scared to Ghost anymore. Bausastra Lelembut is suitable for all ages. “Bausastra Lelembut” encyclopedia is designed with A5 size book, with 180 collorfull pages, you can easily bring anywhere, anytime and coloring your days.