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    We’re already on many journeys before, we’ve went many countries across the world such as Singapore, Germany, and United States. We’ve already sent our passion and dream about Indonesia supernatural culture through the world and luckily we’ve got so many positive feedback about our passion and dream towards our product called Ghost Parade.

    In Lentera Nusantara we’ve already send our passion and show about Indonesia supernatural culture to the world and as our celebration to that we want to share our milestones with people in our home.
    When we think about what our celebration with our milestone is, we think about getting into an event in Bandung that inline with our creative spirits and we decided to participate in the biggest comic fair event in Bandung called Pasar Komik Bandung or Pakoban 7 in Braga Citywalk on Saturday and Sunday, May 5th and 6th 2018.

    Pasar Komik Bandung or Pakoban is the biggest comic fair in Bandung and one of the biggest comic event in Indonesian. In Pakoban you can see many local comic and creative industry creator selling their original comic and anything related to it. On this event, local creator can also showcase or launched their new comic or their new product to the public. This event already entered it 7th year and we can tell you that this event getting great as the year goes by.

    You maybe wonder why we chose comic fair even Ghost Parade is a game not a comic. We want to make Ghost Parade universe bigger and has a lot of variety in it. We also want to tell more stories about Suri ghost friends such as Jeng Kunti, Tuyul, and Poci. They have so many unique stories in their daily life and we can’t express it into game because of it space and it limitations. Because of that, we put more our stories through comic and our comic has attract many people around the world. That’s why we’re very confident to bring it to Pakoban as Pakoban is a big event to showcase many new comics.

    Our main quest on Pakoban is to get people know more about Ghost Parade universe and to showcase our Indonesian ghost encyclopedia called Bausastra Lelembut that have positive reception around the world. We go to Pakoban not with ordinary theme even our booth is a small one.

    We have called the kind-hearted “lelembut” or spirits to help us succeeding Ghost Parade in Pakoban 7. We called it aden-aden (a spirit which is a combination of tigers and humans) to assist us in enlivening Ghost Parade booth in Pakoban. The aden-aden was very enthusiastic in helping the Lentera Nusantara team in promoting Ghost Parade to the people of Bandung.

    In addition, Lentera Nusantara team also prepared a comic (of course) that tells about the daily life of Suri, Poci, Jeng Kunti, and Tuyul which will make the readers laugh so hard or maybe even smile after reading it. Other merchandise such as keychains and posters have been prepared to Pakoban 7

    How are our stories in Pakoban 7? Check out our excitement at the event in the next article.

    If you want to find out about our activities in Pakoban 7 and Pakoban 7 like do not forget to look in Instagram with hashtag # pakoban7 and our Instagram account at @ghost.parade