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From Hutan Svaka to San Fransisco

    We always want to make Indonesia culture visible to many eyes around the world and get attention from worldwide audience with our game called Ghost Parade. That’s why we’re super excited when our good mission granted by our local creative economy bureau called BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif) to represent Indonesia game industry on the popular B2B (business to business) called Games Connection America in San Francisco, United States of America on March 19 – 21, 2018. This event is our second attendance in game convention at United States after Indie Prize Seattle on August 1 – 3, 2017 in Seattle.

    Figure 1 : Lentera Nusantara member ready to go to San Francisco

    The process to make Suri and her ghost friend fly to the US isn’t an easy one but it’s is very electrifying to us. First, we got invitation from Indonesia Association of Game or Asosiasi Game Indonesia (AGI) and BEKRAF to show our game on Games Connection at AT&T Park Giants Stadium under Archipelageek along with seven impressive game developer and publisher in Indonesia. We’re very excited to take a part in there to showcase our game and of course our unique supernatural universe and culture to the world.

    Figure 2 : Ghost Parade Game

    The things started to get tough when we know that the US has very strict visa regulations for foreigners. But, lucky for us we’ve got fast response to apply for US visa because we showed our proof of participation in Games Connection to US Embassy in Indonesia as Indonesia delegation to show Indonesia’s industry game to the world and to the big company out there.

    After our team get their own visa, the excitement and the spirit risen up as we prepare to make our booth and game awesome by polishing a little bit and add our magic mantra to attract not only attendee but also the big company in there. We also prepared some merchandise and goodies from our game for people who came and try our game as a little gift and show our gratitude for exploring Suri world and her ghost friend.

    Figure 3 : Ghost Parade Spot 😀

    Our journey and Suri journey to the professional matchmaking event is gonna starting soon and we’re so excited to tell much about the event and what we learn when we meet many big names and big company in Game Connection.