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Haunted Keychain

    keychain Ghost Parade

    Singapore- 26 November 2016. Todas is AFA Day 2 Singapore, this morning Ghost Parade crew prepare all merchandise for we sale in Ghost Parade booth. We displayed various merchandise in our booth. The most wanted merchandise item is keychain,we prepared our keychain models with various character of Ghost Parade.  We displayed and sell this cute keychain is to introduce player with some main character in story game Ghost Parade.

    Many visitor attracted to seeing  around Ghost Parade booth. People buy Ghost Parade merchandise  after try Ghost Parade Game. Do you want to have our merchandise? Go ahead, we await readers to order all of our haunted keychain merchandise.

    Do you want to see closer ? These keychain available in 11 design. This keychain is limited stock. In the back of keychain packaging, there is short story about the character. Picture below is sample from stock which displayed in AFA Singapore. Really cute right?


    keychain look closer

    Suri is main character in Ghost Parade story, so in our keychain merchandise we design Suri appear with her friends, there is Suri with Jeng Kunti, Suri with Nancy and Suri with Tuyul. This keychain suitable for giving special present to friend or family.

    little Suri with Tuyul


    To anyone who is interested to have haunted keychain, you can buy for  50.000 Rupiah/ pieces. To anyone who have it, please keep it. This keychain will become precious merchandise for you. And we have  1 special keychain, that big keychain  price is 70.000 Rupiah/ pieces, why this keychain so special? Because Suri Appear together with her ghost friends. This is list keychain Ghost Parade :

    • Tuyul
    • Kunti
    • Pastur Jeruk Purut
    • Mbah Dukun
    • Kunti with Suri
    • Poci
    • Nancy
    • Suri with Tuyul
    • Suri with Nancy
    • Buto Ijo
    • Suri with Ghost Friend