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Interesting Game, Ghost Parade Game

    Singapore- Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre 26 November 2016, day by day many of visitor come to Ghost Parade booth, not just an adult, teenager who likes to try play Ghost Parade game but children like to playing too. You can see how cute they try too playing the game.

    Ghost Parade game story is about little girl named Suri who lost at forest and meet friendly ghost. Ghost Parade is a classic 2d slide scrolling game with a unique gameplau and unique story. Beautiful and mysterious atmosphere wrapped in Indonesian culture become on of Ghost Parade’s uniqueness. Explore the world of Ghost Parade, befriended with different types of ghosts to solve the mysteries and feel the atmosphere of strong Indonesian culture. 

    Don’t worry if you can’t playing this game, because Ghost Parade team will guide you :D. we so appreciate when visitor come to our booth to try playing game, have a good chitchat with us about ghost parade game and we also have “Bausastra Lelembut” book, seeing our merchandise and buy some merchandise at Ghost Parade booth.

    Tough little girl come to Ghost Parade booth and she really brave girl, she really interesting with Ghost Parade game and she try 50 times to try playing our game, she want to finishing ghost parade game. She patient and struggling by herself.

    Waaaaaaaawwww, we had many visitor come. They want to try our game so much, so they make a line for try the game. We are so glad because many visitor like to playing Ghost parade game and feeling have fun, they said to us “when Ghost Parade launching? I like the game and ghost character at this game is so cute, of course I like Suri (the main character) too”.