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Little Creative Market, Big Introduction

    The word “creative” and the city “Bandung” is like a lovey-dovey couple who have a strong and long relationship. You can’t separate Bandung and Creative because it has become strong bond between them and difficult to separate. Bandung and creativeness has enjoyed a very long honeymoon phase and it doesn’t stop forever and ever.

    But, what’s makes Bandung becoming the most creative cities in Bandung? Beside Bandung have a place for all your creativity needed like Bandung Creative Hub, the city government of Bandung and government of Indonesia had held many creative industry related events in Bandung. One of them is Bandung Creative Market held by Disdagin or Dinas Perdagangan dan Industri Kota Bandung (Bandung City Trade and Industry Bureau).

    On it 2018 edition, Bandung Creative Market has a big theme called Little Bandung. In line with the theme you can find many handicraft and creative industry related items across many places in Bandung on one place. The event main mission is to promote handicraft products and enhance the competitiveness of Bandung’s products. This event was held on 10th – 13th May 2018 on Bandung Electronic Center Mall Bandung. Over 100 booth & tenant participate in this event.

    On this occasion, Ghost Parade is invited directly by the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia to display its official merchandise, on this event we present the Ghost Parade blanket, key chain, tissue box, mug, pillow, doll, t-shirt, and of course our most unique product yet Om Poci dakimakura or pillow case that have six-pack muscle motif. We guarantee Om Poci dakimakura will make the girl visitors falling in love with Om Poci.

    We also showcase our flagship products of Ghost Parade including comic and the popular ghost encyclopedia book from Indonesia ghost culture, “Bausastra Lelembut”. We try to bring the best product from Ghost Parade merchandise because this activity is a good opportunity to introduce Ghost Parade to the citizens of Bandung and Bandung Electronic City mall visitors.

    Ghost Parade team had a nice chit-chat with Little Bandung team about the superiority of Ghost Parade product and the reason why we choose Indonesia ghost culture as our main theme.

    From here, Ghsot Parade shows the unique side of the product such as introducing Indonesian culture, Indonesian legend story and myth and Indonesian spirits from different sides and perspective to make it accessible to public from all the ages.

    Because Ghost Parade presents Indonesian ghost into a funny creature and provides knowledge about supernatural culture it instantly makes the visitors become curious. After the talks are over, Ghost Parade booth instantly raided by buyers interested in the funny ghosts of Ghost Parade.

    The visitor’s response is very positive here, even many visitors who previously already know Ghost Parade from a digital comic didn’t expect if Ghost Parade originally from Bandung. Many visitors are interested in Ghost Parade and curious about the character of Ghost Parade. The event took place from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm since the event started, there are many visitors who come to this event and meet the Ghost Parade booth.

    We’re so happy to be a part of creative culture in Bandung via Little Bandung Creative Market. We also glad that Bandung people has acknowledged Ghost Parade as Bandung product. This event motivates us to bring Ghost Parade brand to the world as Bandung original product. Thank you for Disdagin for inviting us and make great event.