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Second Time to Singapore With Bigger Experience

    Remember our story back then when we went to Singapore for first time to attend Anime Festival Asia Singapore (AFASG) 2015? If you remembered, we have a great time in AFASG 2015 back then. We also meet so many awesome visitors who stop by to play Ghost Parade, have a little talk with the team, or maybe just want to get our cute and awesome merchandise by trying their luck with our “gacha” style game.

    With so many exciting memories back there, we were so thankful to people on Singapore. So, our team planned to come back to Singapore again and attend same event. Yes, we came back to AFASG again on their 2016 event.

    For those who didn’t know AFA, AFA is one of the largest Japanese Popular Culture event in the South-East Asia that bring you many Japanese things related to popular culture items such as anime, anime music or anisong concert, cosplay, and merchandise. Not only in Singapore, AFA is also held in Jakarta and Thailand.

    After pleasant reception from visitors on AFASG last year, we wanna make Ghost Parade experience more impressive and wonderful for this year. We weren’t just prepared our game but we wanna deliver a full experience of Ghost Parade. In order to that, as you can see below we upgrade our booth size from small booth to bigger booth to enhance Ghost Parade experience in AFASG 2016.

    Not only we expand our booth size, we also prepare many great things to our second trip to Singapore like make wide range of merchandise. Since AFASG 2016 is one of the biggest cosplay event in Southeast Asia, for the first time ever in AFASG 2016 we rolled out some of Ghost Parade character in cosplay mode to attract many attendees. We make three Ghost Parade character costume among them is Nyai Lara Kidul, Jeng Kunti and Pastur. If you want to know more about their story you can check our Ghost Parade comic on Webtoon right now. Our team was so excited to prepare this costume and ready to “haunt” people on AFASG 2016.

    We also launch our first book called “Bausastra Lelembut”. You can find many information about Indonesian ghosts on Bausastra Lelembut from their origin, appearances, height, and many more. With our colorful illustration and detailed information, you can add this book to your bookshelves.

    Encyclopedia Bausastra Lelembut Nusantara

    Also, we make some improvement to our game based on feedback at last year AFASG event. We made the feedback to polish our game so visitors from last year can see our willingness to create an awesome game and keep level up and to allure new visitors to play and join Suri adventure to drive away bad people with Suri “peculiar” friends.

    We can’t wait to tell you more about our journey on AFASG 2016. Visit ghost-parade.com to see our adventure on AFASG 2016.