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Our Last Stock!

     This is our last stock merchandise, since tomorrow Ghost Parade crew will return to Indonesia. We hope our merchandise can be a good memory for visitors who come to Ghost Parade booth.


    The visitors who will buy our merchandise will be served by the Tiger Daemon sister. With the power of cuteness and happiness, the Tiger Daemon Sister will be more than happy to give our buyers best shopping experience in the booth. They will selling  various merchandise themed Ghost Parade.

    We don’t have many merchandise left in our booth, most of them were sold out already! But have no worry, Ghost Parade also open order to all fans of Ghost Parade game, yeaaaaay 😀

    To all of you who want to know what keychain characters will be sell by Ghost Parade, let see which keychain available in last day of AFA Singapore.

    Also don’t forget to follow our story of Suri and the TKP (Tuyul, Kunti, and Poci) gangs on webtoon :


    Pastur Jeruk Purut and Nancy is a matched pair. Their comedy love story attracted the fans. Webtoon readers must be know love story between this 2 figures. For you who don’t know about Pastur Jeruk Purut and Nancy, please open this link:


    There is belief,  forbiden for children to play at night. If children breaking that taboo, people say the children will meet ghost. Seemingly Suri have no problem with that taboo. What happen with Suri ? if you feel curious, please playing Ghost Parade game and read Ghost Parade comic at webtoon.

    This is very special keychain for complete the all series. Suri with the ghosts suited for yourself or present for someone special. Don’t forget for collect original keychains from Ghost Parade, you can buy original merchandise at Ghost Parade fan page and Ghost Parade booth if Ghost Parade attend to some event, we always update where we open booth. Furthermore, don’t forget to buy Ghost Parade game at Steam.