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This was What Happen when Ghost Parade Team Wander at AFA Singapore 2016

    many visitor come

    many visitor come

    Game and anime lovers surely know Anime Festival Asia (AFA). The event was packed by debut game, anime, cosplay, music, and so on. AFA was held on 25 November 2016 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Ghost Parade team also do not want to miss the haunting AFA Singapore.

    What happened when the Ghost Parade team wander among the visitors? How did they react?




    They keep coming back to try the beta version of the game

    Ghost Parade team did not wander to scare visitors, but to cheer them. Since the Ghost Parade booth was opened, visitors immediately flocked to try out the beta version of the game. The Ghost Parade crew were overwhelmed by them.


    From young children to teenagers were interested in playing it. If there were visitors who do not understand how to play it, the crew would show them how to play it. They looked so serious staring at the Macbook screen, and … wow! They go back and forth play that game curiously. Some even tried to play it up to 50 times.

    3 Ghosts Also in Action
    Jeng Kunti, Pastur Jeruk Purut, Nyai Lara Kidul

    Ghost Parade team invites three ghosts to brighten up their booth. Three ghosts scheduled their appointment in order to be able to go to Singapore. They are Jeng Kunti, Pastur Jeruk Purut, and Nyi Roro Kidul. Oops … they were not actually real ghosts. They were cosplayers who wore ghost costumes. Jeng Kunti wearing white dress with blood red heart pattern on her chest, Nyi Roro Kidul with a blue dress, and Pastur Jeruk Purut with dark colored costumes.

    Don’t be afraid, AFA Singapore visitors loved to take pictures with them. Of course, their faces are handsome and beautiful.

    The merchandises look attractive

    165Another way to introduce Ghost Parade is by selling his merchandise. The smallest merchandise is a keychain. Furthermore, there is also a phone case with a choice of three models, namely Jeng Kunti; Nancy; and a special edition Jeng Kunti. Other Merchandise is a pillow in a shape of cute ghost characters from Ghost Parade. Ghost Parade Puppet is sweetly displayed in a glass cabinet. Who are the lucky ones to get a limited edition doll? She is Ms. Yamaji Kenichiro. She bought Suri and Nancy dolls which she said was interesting.

    Ghost Parede crew also launched a book called Bausastra Lelembut. This encyclopedia-style book contains information about various types of ghosts in Indonesia archipelago. Instead of scaring people, the illustration in this book look very attractive and adorable.



    More Development before Official Release

    Through this AFA beta launch in Singapore, the team found a few things that must be corrected in the future. For instance, the team found some minor bugs and grammar that need to be corrected. Once the repair is completed, the game will be released on Steam. So guys, do not forget to always update the Ghost Parade game on Steam! Lots of interesting challenges that would be available in each episode.

    Well, who wants to Ghost Parade game to roam on their computer? Raise your hands!