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Three Spirit Come to Ghost Parade Booth

    AFA SG is so amazing. Today Ghost Parade crew must prepared again to open Ghost Parade booth. We made some change decoration in our booth at second day in AFA Singapore event.

    We inviting 3 spirit to Ghost Parade booth to helping crew introducing game Ghost Parade and visitors can interact directly with this spirits. Ghost Parade crew Introducing  3 spirit from Ghost Parade world. Girl with white dressed called Jeng Kunti, in the middle is Pastur Jeruk Purut, then the blue dressed girl is Nyai Lara Kidul. They just come to this world for special event, so if you want to meet them you must always seeing the new update event from fanpage Ghost Parade at facebook.

    Althought much people come to visit, Ghost Parade crew still remember visitor who has come a day before. Thos child looked so curious with Ghost Parade video game. Today she comeback to our booth for playing our game demo again. Happy Playing little alice ♥


    Ghost Parade booth more crowded from before. Our booth full of visitors until Ghost Parade crew really busy. Pastur help crew to explain about Ghost Parade story. We can see near the display cabinet there is so many visitor interested to our merchandise. From far, visitors can be seen Ghost Parade gate. A Lot of person make a line to take picture with Ghost Parade background. Lets see another side from this booth, it seems more crowded.


    There are 2 spirit figures who attract attention behind there. This figure is really famous by peoples in Nusantara. There are Jeng Kunti and Nyai Lara Kidul. Many people notice this famous ghosts and visitors come closer to this 2 ghost and then they asking for taking picture together. Don’t afraid to ghost, ghost from Ghost Parade world is a friendly ghost. Jeng Kunti is one of main character in Ghost Parade story. If you want to know story about Jeng Kunti, don’t forget to buy Ghost Parade game when this game release. If want spoiler about Jeng Kunti, read Ghost Parade comic on Webtoon.

    We displayed special merchandise for visitors that is BJD, Kujang lamp, wood notebook and Dragon sword. That special merchandise is limited edition, because we made this with special design. There is a lot merchandise displayed inside white shelf. Visitor enjoyed to seeing merhandise from Ghost Parade. For anyone who want to buy Ghost Parade merchandise, please send message to Ghost Parade fanpage on Facebook. Mysterious admin from Ghost Parade will assist you how to order merchandise.