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Through the Power of Suri and Her Friends, We Conquer San Francisco

    After 14 hours of sleeping, reading, waiting, and, wishing. Finally, we arrive at San Francisco to attend GameConnection.

    When we first touched our feet into the San Francisco ground, we feel a cold sensation straight to our body as we must adjust our body from tropical climate in Bandung to cold climate in San Francisco. But with our burning spirit to take Suri and her friends as far as they can go we can suppress the cold climate in there.

    Figure 1 : Lentera Nusantara team with friends

    After we checked into our lodging, we went to AT&T Park San Francisco and see our fellow friends from Game Developer and game publisher in Indonesia such as Gudang Voucher, Agate, Semisoft, Megaxus, Lyto, Assemblr, Tinker Game on same roof and same mission to represent Indonesia game to the eye of big company in the Game Connection.

    We presented the exciting adventure of Suri and her ghost friends on Ghost Parade to the visitor in Game Connection. We describe our game and it expanded the universe and also Indonesian supernatural culture that inspired us to make this game happen.

    The reception to Ghost Parade from visitors mostly positive. They called our game idea is original and authentic from local culture. Many visitors also curious about Suri and her “peculiar” friends such as Tuyul, Kunti, Nancy, Pastur, Buto Ijo and Poci. The visitor also wants to know the origin of the character in this game and the cultural story behind it.

    Figure 2 : Happy to give them explanation about Ghost Parade

    Not only they like our game but they also like our encyclopedia book that contains all of Suri peculiar friends called “Bausastra Lelembut”. They praised our comprehensive list about Indonesian ghost. Not only that, they praised our detail on examining any kind of ghost and bring it into many languages to reach many people in the world. They also like the visual representation and aesthetic of our encyclopedia book as they noticed the cute perspective of all the ghost inside this book.

    Figure 3 : B2B is fun 😀

    As the days and visitors go by we were very happy to attend Game Connection in San Francisco. We want to say big thank you for BEKRAF and AGI for making Ghost Parade journey to Game Connection happen and also to visitors who stop by to our booth and take a time to play, give the positive reception, and give meaningful feedback on Ghost Parade game.

    Let’s meet again with our awesome next adventure around the world.